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Update September 21st 2023:
Yesterday, this website malfunctioned after being the target of a kind of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. The attacker used an automated script to spam comments from multiple IP addresses simultaneously. This comes after 8 days ago when someone from an IP address in Centerville manually posted several spam comments. I deleted those and now a week later, this automated attack was carried out.

The techniques used suggest a certain level of sophistication. It's possible that a network of computers, known as a 'botnet,' was employed to overwhelm our comment section. Another technique that could have been used is 'IP spoofing,' where the origin of the message is manipulated to appear as though it's coming from multiple locations. Either way, the attacker knows what they're doing.

As for who might be responsible for this, it's difficult to say, but it smells fishy. While I don't want to speculate unduly, the nature of this reporting could potentially make this site a target for various parties interested in hindering the free dissemination of information.

After doing a bit of investigating, it seems the attack came from an IP address in the Dayton area and used several known VPNs to route the attacks through other IP addresses. Anyway, since I have a life, I didn't notice the attack until about 24 hours after it was carried out but it once I noticed it, it took about an hour to fix everything. Better luck next time :)

Update March 29 2023: Thanks to an anonymous commenter, posting a link to the paradise papers, Manchur and other Kettering Health executives are shown to be associated with an Ltd registered in Bermuda, hinting at a possible tax evasion scheme. The Paradise Papers are a set of leaked documents that reveal the offshore financial activities of some of the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations, and government officials. The documents were leaked to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung in 2016 and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Update March 27, 2023: A news story published by WHIO alleges Fred Manchur and Dave Weigley are accused of being "masterminds behind the abuse of charitable funds." Manchur and Weigley allegedly used charitable funds for personal expenses, such as trips and home remodeling. Manchur is accused of making decisions without bringing the topics to the Board of Directors, including rebranding the network and appointing his son as the President of Kettering Health Dayton. Manchur allegedly had the Chief Financial Officer "hide true finances at board meetings" and manipulated board minutes. Manchur is accused of purchasing property without board approval and continuing to build while the company is operating in the red.

Original Post February 28th: This website is part of a journalistic endeavor to inform the community of a possible misappropriation of funds by Fred Manchur, the former CEO of Kettering Health. According to anonymous sources who spoke to our investigative team, Manchur misused hospital funds for personal expenses, such as luxury travel, fine dining, and expensive gifts. These sources claim that Manchur's actions were not only unethical but also illegal, as non-profit organizations are subject to strict rules on how they can use their funds.

These claims were substantiated by a report from Spectrum Magazine, a Seventh-day Adventist joural established in 1969, that says Manchur was given nicknames such as "Five Star Freddy" and "Fast Freddy" by other Adventist executives. Going as far as quoting one executive as saying "When you go to work for [Manchur’s] organization you have two choices: You go party with Fred and everyone else or your ethics prohibit that and you fall out of favor." Manchur announced his retirement in early November 2022, which took effect on December 31, 2022, though it is unclear if his retirement was related to the alleged scandal.

According to IRS documents, Manchur was paid $2,533,553 in 2019, making him one of the highest-paid non-profit hospital executives in the country. Well above the median pay for nonprofit hospital chief executives of $362,887, according to a 2021 report from the Economic Research Institute.

Kettering Health, which operates fourteen medical centers, and 120 outpatient facilities in the Dayton-Cincinnati area is the largest non-profit healthcare provider in the region, employing over 12,000 workers and 2,100 physicians. Kettering health relies on this tax-exempt status to fulfill their promise: "at Kettering Health, we’re making a promise. A promise to follow in the steps of Jesus by guiding every person to their best health."

If the allegations against Manchur are proven true, it could jeopardize the hospital's reputation and its ability to attract donors and retain staff.

Message from author: Thank you everyone for your input and courage to speak up. I understand many of us are upset at the rumors and accusations being levied here. Reading the comments, being privileged to know the staff at Kettering, I know that our anger comes from a place of wanting to provide the best care to our patients. With that, I think it's important to direct our frustrations at where it will be most effective. At the bottom of this page you will find a contact form. If you are interested in petitioning or protesting, please leave your info and a message indicating your interest and I'll get in touch with you.

One last thing, I hope we can all remember what's important here: our patients, our community, and our own health. While it's important to correct wrongs wherever they may occur, it is vital that our actions don't cause further division and suffering. Thank you ❤️

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